10 mistakes most young people do that might lead to regret in future

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Young people are just too exciting, no wonder most of us make several mistakes at a time like that. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you 10 mistakes most young people make and regret later in their life.

If you’re still young, you’ll have the opportunity to correct some of these mistakes. If you’re already 75, well, I’m sorry.

1. Young People Spend money on Trivial things

Most young people want to have fun. They want to enjoy their life and feel among. They look at others and want to live the way they do. Young people are more likely to run after a fashion, style, fun, and many more. There’s nothing bad in being fashionable and buying the latest iPhones except it’s making you poorer.

2. Young people tend to Give up Easily

It is so easy to just quit when something feels too hard. The idea of giving up what you’re doing is not the best option, just try something different. It might be that, you don’t like what you are doing. But the biggest mistake you can make sometimes is to give up.

3. Neglecting the need for education or learning a skill.

Most people believe that education has no relevance to one’s success in life, hence; they tend to trivialize its importance. Not taking your education seriously or learning a craft is a risky venture that can lead one to poverty. The idea of lazying about and not being committed to a profitable course might result in lack and regret in old age.

4. Young People Invest Without Proper Research

Reading and hearing stories of people who have made millions investing in the stock market can make it very tempting to give it a go yourself but don’t do that.

Investing can be a very rewarding thing but it’s not as easy as just throwing your money away on random shares. As a young person, you need to do some research. If you invest wrongly, it can mean you lose a lot more than you put in. If you truly want to master investing, the best way to go about it is to study some really good books on that subject. Taking time to read 10 good books about the stock market or real estate can save you from an unnecessary headache that comes with losing your hard earn investment.

5. Most Young People don’t Save Money

A recent survey of 1,003 people from Bankrate found that 69% of those ages 18 to 29 had no retirement savings at all. Your retirement may seem far off, but you’ redoing yourself a major disservice. If you don’t recognize the importance of saving as soon as possible. It’s not the only retirement you should save for. You should save for investment and also for emergencies.

It’s hard to save when all your mates are buying new stuff but if you think you have a better future than theirs, you’ll be disciplined enough to save.

6. Abusing hard drugs and substances.

Ingesting hard drugs like cocaine, marijuana, Indian hemp and other intoxicating substances is a practice that might jeopardize your health in the long run. Studies have shown that a vast majority of the aged people who died from health-related causes were once users of these hard substances.

7. Living one’s life to impress others.

Buying the latest gadget or fashion, or hosting numerous parties to impress others when your income is on the low side is an act of immaturity that can amount to financial lack. Most people are in the habit of pleasing others to the detriment of their happiness. This is furtherly revealed in their gestures of making unnecessary sacrifices at the expense of their inner satisfaction.

8. Spending your quality time with friends who aren’t impacting positively in your life.

Surrounding yourself with people who have no relevance to your aspirations will delay your success and can equally corrupt your goals. There is a popular saying that, ‘’your friends will either make you or break you’’, which connotes that; your choice of friends can either lead you to your desired goal or can distract you from it.

9. Living an ostentatious lifestyle and having no savings or investment.

Lavishing one’s money on ostentatious lifestyles like partying, clubbing, and spending heavily on unnecessarily gadgets, women and fashions without having a savings or investment is an unwise practice that will usher one into a life of regret. Conforming to this sort of irresponsible behaviour can lead one to a perpetual life of lack.

10. Being stingy and lacking the interest to help others.

There is a popular English adage that postulates that; what goes around, comes around. The idea of refusing to help others in need, most especially when you are capable might make them reciprocate the same gesture towards you when you might need their help. Deep research has shown that most aged individuals who don’t have people to assist them in the desired area were once hostile and non-attentive to the need of others.

It’s your life and you’re the only one who is responsible. “Your failure or success is yours and not your parents”.

Learn to take Responsibility. That is what makes a Leader. Be a Lion, not a sheep who just follows the leader. Take risks and failures, All that does is mold you to a better person.


Delay gratification

Don’t buy things because everyone is doing
Learn how to save for investment and retirement purposes

Don’t believe everything. Ask questions and challenge the status

Don’t fall in love because of love alone. Think about values and compatibility

Don’t think you’re educated because you have degrees

Learn every day
Try things and don’t give up easily

Don’t blame your parents or the government for your failure.

Take responsibility.

Hope You like this article. Thank you for Reading and Keep working hard to achieve your gaol!

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