13 Ghanaian Doctors Contract Coronavirus

Some 13 Ghanaian doctors are reported to have contracted coronavirus in their line of duty.

Media reports say the
Ashanti Regional Chairperson of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Paa Kwesi Baidoo, made the disclosure.

He is believed to have told the media that the doctors contracted the virus whilst administering treatment to infected patients.

According to reports, he has appealed to all and sundry not to take coronavirus for granted.

“About thirteen doctors have been infected on the job as of Wednesday. We shouldn’t joke with this virus. Some people think it’s a joke or because Ghanaians are not dying we have some favour,” he is quoted by the media.

“The two-week lockdown helped us trace contacts and most of the people are in the younger age group. Of 100 infected people in the country, 8 or 10 are in critical condition.”


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