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19-year-old SHS student Jackline Mensah narrates how she became the best female comedian in Ghana (VIDEO)

Jackline Mensah, a 19-year-old senior high school student final year student have been named inarguably the best TikTok video maker in Ghana for her creativity.

In a series of videos sighted on social media, the Tik Tok star narrates how she became famous within the space of just one year of making her videos.

According to her, she joined the Tik Tok platform in March 2019 and after seeing people have fun on the platform, decided to give it a try and the results are what we are seeing now.

Jackline mentioned that growing up, many people found her ability to make different facial expressions quite remarkable and she felt encouraged that she would do well with TikTok.

Watch the video below:

Interestingly, Jackline Mensah indicates that she has been making the TikTok videos filled with so much creativity and humour from just observing the world around her.

Jackline also revealed that she lives with her grandmother who also happens to be her biggest fan and has only one sibling who is a sister.


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