Crime: Burkinabe arrested for weapon smuggling into Ghana

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Police deployment at the Doha-Kandiga Snap Check Point on the Bolga Navrongo International Trunk Road on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, arrested Surogu Mumuni a Burkinabe in possession of a Buruni Mod. 92 Pistol.

According to the Police Surogu Mumuni after the Police requested a search took to his heels but was given a wild chase by the Police and was recaptured and searched when the Police found one Buruni Mod.92 pistol concealed in a bag he claimed ownership of.

Upon interrogation, suspect claimed the weapon was given to him by someone in Bukina Faso be handed over to another person in Accra.

The Police say the Suspect made a phone call to an unknown person to the Police in which after a while a man in rasta hair do arrived at the scene of crime and propose to offer an amount of Fine Thousand Ghana cedis (GH 5000.00) for the case to be dropped.

The Police accepted the money and in a few seconds, the money was sent to a mobile money vendor but the suspect was rearrested by the Police brought to the Regional Police Headquarters with the exhibits of Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢5000.00) and Buruni Mod.92 Pistol for investigation.


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