Twene Jonas cursed by elders in Bechem shrine [VIDEO]

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In a video that has popped up on social media, the traditionalists poured libation over a killed and sacrificed goat in a shrine whilst inviting the gods of the land to go after the social media commentator for allegedly insulting the Asantehene.

Jonas whilst descending on Ghanaian chiefs and leaders in his latest rant about Galamsey destroying water bodies said “even the Asantehene said if you are a chief and give people land to illegally mine in return of goat then it’s over to you,” he said.

In the controversial video above that has gone viral, he continued that ” Ghana everyone is a thief, they don’t speak the truth, including the Asnatehene. He couldn’t speak the truth but if you watch, he has been listening to me now,” hence, he has to speak the truth now.

Adding to the public backlash from some people believed to be Asantes, some old men in the video below have been filmed in the Bechem shrine invoking a curse on Jonas over his comment.

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