(Video) Man Breaks His Neck While Looking At A Lady’s Big ‘Backside’

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The young man in a viral video was caught on camera staring at a lady’s enormous backside as she passed by where he was seated.

If you look closely at the video, you can see that the young man was enjoying his drink when this lady with bigger buttocks walked by.

For about 10 seconds, the young man lost his focus and stared at this lady. Unaware that it was a trap set by a cameraman claiming to work for Big Butts Watch TV.

When the cameraman noticed that the young man was staring at the lady, he ran up to him and said, “I noticed you staring at the lady’s buttocks, my brother.” My brother, you broke your neck.”

The guy vehemently denied looking at the lady’s backside. The cameraman then summoned the lady and asked the gentleman to take another look at her backside.

After looking at her for the second time, the guy was still denying that he didn’t look at the lady’s backside.

Watch the video below.

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