I’m preparing to run for president, the people need me – Michael Blackson

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Ghanaian-American actor, Michael Blackson, says he is preparing to run for President in Ghana in 12 years because he thinks the citizens need him.

“Looks like I’m going to prepare myself to run for president in 12 yrs. I think the people need me.”

The Hollywood actor said this in a tweet after several complaints about the economic conditions Ghana is in at the moment.

The comedian has talked about issues ranging from the cost of sanitary pads to the ever-increasing prices of goods and services in the country.

Days ago, he lamented about the challenges he has to face in order to buy furniture.

“C’mon Ghana why are things so damn expensive? I just tried to buy furniture and appliances and they are over twice the price of what they cost me in the U.S.

“I love my continent but we have to do better to help our people. I found out the other day that little girls in the remote areas can’t afford tampons or pads so they drop out of school because they are embarrassed to bleed around boys smh (Shaking My Head).”

He has also wondered why there is no arm conflict in the country but most commodities are imported.

“We are not at war with anyone so why are we paying the price for other people’s problems. West Africa is probably the poorest part of the world but shit costs the most why? We have too many resources to be importing everything smh.”

“Ghana can we please lower the port fees so these stores can lower the prices for the people?”

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