[VIDEO] Watch how cheating man almost got caught: See how he survived

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We are living in a world where people are doing the multiple partner thing, men cheat on their women and women are also cheating on their men, it is a two way street which is something people are struggling to move away from, but there are also those who are behaving well and would not even think of cheating.

People keep on cheating even if they know that it never ends well, they always go and practice these things and all hell breaks lose when they get caught when one of the partners gets caught, but this man literally escaped through the eye of a niddle when his wife came home only to catch him with another woman, but she never saw the woman she caught him with.

A video emerged on social media where a man was literally caught with another woman inside his hoise after his wife came back home u expectedly, she just burged and the husband had another woman inside and when she knocked, the husband took time to open for her, she started shouting and causing a scene as she shouts calling her man to open the door, but he took his time just because there was another woman inside.

When he finally opened, he had made a plan amd opened the other door of the room, when his wife finally got into the room, the other woman went out through the back door, when the wife came through the back door, the other woman went in through the from door and she finally managed to get dressed and came out the from door, that was when another man who was passing by held the woman’s hand and made it look like the two were walking together.

The woman could not find any one in the house to support her suspsions, she just had to calm.down and believe that there was no one in the house even though her gutts told her there was someone in there.

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