70% Marriages in America are not based on love – US-based Ghanaian

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A mother of three Adwoa Manfo who live her life in US has stated that the means of getting marriage in America, about 70% are not based on love but to support each other and pay bills.

According to Mrs Adwoa Manfo on Daily Hustle Worldwide,’ she revealed that, many people who lives in foreign countries only choose marriage as a means to an end.

As for her, she never loved her ex-husband but she marriage just to survive. She also indicates that she did not want to give birth with another man and live her life separately is expensive.

“My husband loved me dearly, but I cared for him. There is a difference between caring and loving somebody. It didn’t last because the love was not there” she said.

Ms. Adwoa Manfo who is a single mother of three added that, she would have been happier if she had broken up with the father of her first child.

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