A pastor in police custody for tortured and chained his 9-year-old son (photos)

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An unnamed pastor who was charged with having tortured and keeping his 9 years old son chained up for more than three weeks as a punishment of stealing has been arrested.

A pastor admitted keeping his son in chains, believing he was “possessed” because of his habit of stealing.

Pastor accuses of keeping young children in chained and killed them for rituals.

The police commender said they have rescued the boy and arrest the Pastor after a tip-off in the town of suprodu.

Social media users are running a photo of the victim, an emaciated young boy in chained with padlock around his neck.

The police continue by saying that, it’s one of the worst child abuse case they have ever seen.

The police statement said that the boy had been held captive” with the help of the members” of the church where the Pastor worked.

The case is now being handed to the District Court and Agent of Anti-Child Trafficking

The young boy is at hospital receiving treatment.

See the photos below:

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