Actor Kojo Dadson walks and talks again after being down with stroke for 8 years

It’s been eight years since actor Kojo Dadson suffered a stroke. For many that saw him in his wheel chair, it was a sad sight. But thank God, the actor seems to be doing well.

In a video sighted online by GHexplore, Kojo Dadson, could be seen walking steadily and talking as well.

The Ghanaian actor known in popular series ‘Home Sweet Home’ was diagnosed with stroke in 2012.

The sickness which affected part of his face also impaired his speaking ability and confined him to a wheelchair for eight years.

It is refreshing to know that the actor who is wildly loved for his acting and humour is doing well.

He, however, disclosed that it is difficulty sometimes to fund his hospital expenses.

Watch the video below:

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