Actor Majid Michel reportedly arrested by NACOB over weed comment,.. [Watch]

Actor Majid Michel has revealed in a recent interview on Okay FM that he was swiftly nabbed by the officials of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) for advocating for the legalisation of weed and saying he has been involved in drugs before on live radio.

Days ago, Majid told Kent Mensah on Asaase radio that weed is a God-made plant and sees nothing wrong with use.

“I’ve done drugs before. I’ve indulged in drugs before. I’ve done hard drugs. I don’t mean weed. I don’t see anything wrong with weed, it was God-made. It was created by God,” he said.

I’ve never heard of anybody who has overdosed on weed… I’ve done things out of weed. I’ve done cocaine and LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) I’ve done other drugs that if I told you right now, you’ll not be able to pronounce. These were years back and I didn’t struggle to overcome it,” he added.

In this development, Majid said immediately after he said this on air, he was arrested by some personnel of the board after which his house was thoroughly searched.

Having found nothing to implicate him, Majid said the officers advised him on how to conduct himself publicly concerning issues like this.

Watch the video below;

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