Afia Schwar’s friendship with Tracey hits a rock as Diamond exposes her to Tracey for chopping Papa No

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Afia Schwar’s friendship with Tracey Boakye has reportedly hit a rock over the ever mysterious Papa No.

The friendship between Afia Schwarzenegger and Tracey Boakye has reportedly been dealt a blow.

Ayisha Modi says Afia Schwarzenegger has been chopping the mysterious papa no sugar daddy of Tracey Boakye.

Diamond Appiah who was an enemy of Afia Schwarzenegger but turned friend because of their mutual friendship with Tracey Boakye is said to be the one who is ruining the friendship of Afia and Tracey.

According to Ayisha Modi, Diamond Appiah exposed Afia Schwarzenegger to Tracey Boakye over how she is chopping the Papa No sugar daddy.

She added that Tracey Boakye can’t go public with this because of how Netizens prayed and wished for their friendship to end in tears.

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