Beautiful Ghanaian Lady Disfigured for Life After Suffering An Acid Attack In Saudi Arabia – Says She Wants to Commit Suicide

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A Ghanaian lady has revealed she is tired of life and wants to die after suffering a horrific acid attack.

Memuna Malik was working as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia when she suffered the attack, a case of mistaken identity which has seemingly destroyed her life forever.

Memuna narrates she had gone to braid her hair with a friend named Rabi when another lady known as Salomey entered and poured acid on her.

Salomey and Rabi were having a disagreement and the acid was meant for Rabi but unfortunately, it poured on her.

It left her disfigured, in constant pain and in need of surgery.

“As Rabi was braiding my hair, she stopped to go and eat. As she was eating, we heard a knock on her door and she asked me to help her open it. As soon as I opened the door all I saw was someone pushed me and poured a substance on me. That was my end” she revealed.

“I had to come back home [to Ghana] because I couldn’t see anything talk less of going to work to cater for myself. Rabi too visited me only twice and have never visited again. I returned to Ghana without a pin. Here I am without even a pesewa to go to the hospital because I still feel pains and sick always.

“I’d rather die than to live this painful life” Memuna sadly said in a chat with crime prevention advocacy group, Crime Check Foundation.

Memuna is telling her sad story in a bid to get Ghanaians to help her seek treatment for herself.

Memuna Malik never thought this tragedy will ever befall her. She had gone to braid her hair at a house in Saudi Arabia (where she was based as a casual worker) only for her attacker, Salomey (Ghanaian)who had intended to throw acid on the hairdresser, Rabi (another Ghanaian) to mistakenly throw it on Memuna. Now back home, Memuna who use to be the bread winner of her family, is dying slowly. With no money to go to hospital, she has completely given up on life and prefers to die. Her saddest day was when some kids saw her and started running away because they thought they had seen a ghost. Some donors of CCF have given Memuna four thousand cedis to immediately seek medical care. We hope others will also come to the aid of our suffering sister after reading this piece. May God bless all those who supported. – Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng/FACEBOOK


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