Breaking: Bright SHS students beat WAEC officials over exam malpractice

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Final year students writing the West Africa Examinations Council (WASSCE) at Bright Senior High School at Kukurantumi have beaten officials of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

The students who were prevented by the WAEC officials from cheating say they do not understand why they were not allowed to cheat.

In an interview on Angel FM closely monitored by Ghanasonline, a victim of th beatings, Nii Djan Mensah said the students were using foreign materials which he objected to during their rounds in their first paper.

“I saw a candidate with a photocopy material. When I was about picking it, a teacher, who was invigilating took the paper and chewed it”

“When the Administrator of the school asked him to hand over the paper to him, he threw it away and ran”

The washroom of the school was filled with all forms of booklets including mobile phones, so the students visit there and bring the papers inside the examination hall to write.

According to Mr. Mensah, this malpractice necessitated a reshuffle of their invigilators, changing all the teachers from Bright SHS to invigilate their subsequent papers.

“In the course of writing the second paper, the proprietor of the school called all the students out. So they all stopped writing the paper and came out”

“All of a sudden the entire students surrounded us”

“The proprietor asked them to assault us with anything they lay their hands on”

“They took our phones and all gadgets and started beating us”, Nii continued.

He explained that, “the police officer present at the centre called her Commander to send reinforcement to the school to rescue us.”

The WAEC officials have since vacated the premises for fear of their lives.

Meanwhile, one student who assaulted the officials has been arrested with one lady who was used as a conduit to spread the photocopy materials.

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