CRIME: Two youth groups clash at Ofoase Ayirebi

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One person confirmed dead and other four persons sustaining gunshot wounds following deadly clashes between Ofoase Zongo youth and Brenase youth.

The Akyemansa District Police Commander, Superintendent George Bawah, told Starr News “the situation is under control.”

Starr News reports that a few days ago, Ofoase Zongo youth beat up a young man from Brenase alleged to have beaten a member of the Zongo community and damaged his motorbike.

The father of the victim and one other who went to the community upon hearing the incident were also attacked and handed over to the police.

This angered the youth of Brenase who mobilised on motorbikes and stormed Ofoase Zongo amidst gunshots in an attempt to retaliate but for the intervention of the police.

However, on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, the Zongo youth of Ofoase mobilised in trucks and vehicles with weapons in an attempt to invade Brenase community but the Youth of Brenase upon hearing the information also mobilized and armed themselves on the streets in waiting.

Some of the Brenase youth reportedly ambushed the Ofoase Zongo youth and allegedly opened fire at them leading to the casualty.

A resident, who narrated the incident to Starr News, said “A boy in Brenase whose attempted arrest by Police led to fatal gunshot a year ago at Brenase which our brother Saeed was shot and buried with the IGP coming to town recently, has also attacked a Zongo youth again.

“The victim came to Brenase but the boy beat and destroyed his motorbike. So the incident got the Ofoase Zongo youth angry. When the guy who committed the act went to the outlaw spot at Ofoase in the evening, the Zongo youth besieged the spot to retaliate against him and dragged him to the police station. The Brenase youth upon hearing the incident mobilised and stormed Ofoase Zongo to fire gunshots and went on rampage pushing down the food being sold on the streets.”

He continued that “The Zongo youth managed to arrest two of the Brenase residents to police. So Yesterday the Brenase youth stormed the fuel station area to attack a Zongo woman selling Waakye. They pushed the waakye to the ground.

“The Brenase youth subsequently ambushed the Zongo youth at the cemetery area and opened fire on them leading to the death of one person with three sustaining gunshot wounds”.

A reinforcement team of Police and Military, however, arrived and have since been patrolling the two communities.

Chairman of the Unit Committee, Yaw Akowia, said despite the presence of Police and Military tension is high as information suggests the Zongo youth are planning to besiege the community by surprise.

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