Efia Odo Is A Big-Time Hypocrite Whose Hypocrisy Has Been Exposed Eventually (Photos + Videos)

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Fact is, most Ghanaian celebrities are big-time hypocrites who tend to go all out on their high horses to criticize things they see as ‘stupid’ but turn around as saints to praise the same things when it suits their purpose without any qualms.

If you are wondering how true this can be, just look at their recent craze with Tik Tok.

While most of them have condemned Akuapem Poloo and tagged her as a ‘fool’, for which reason they don’t want to associate with her, most of them took to the same fooling with Tik Tok and claimed there were just killing boredom associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Anyway, that is a topic for another day.

Now, to the crux of my issue today. So I remember Efia Odo recently became the high priest of morality and lumped bloggers and Ghanaians in general together to blast them for being ‘fake azz people’ because they were supporting the beef between Sista Afia & Freda Rhymz.

After I saw this post, I wondered why she will make such a post and justify it will her cucumber sucking backlash but in the end, I accepted she only expressed an opinion she is actually entitled to.

Fast forward to yesterday, Efia Odo certainly forgot about these comments and however shockingly decided to share a tweet to support Eno Barony after she dropped her “Argument Done” freestyle that was also a diss song targeted at Sista Afia and Medikal.

Source: zionfelix.net

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