Famous dancing pallbearers perform at pageant show [Watch]

After becoming a sensation during the boring COVID-19 lockdown period, the famous dancing pallbearers have taken over Ghana again.

The Otafrija pallbearers have graduated from giving the dead a befitting burial with a touch of display to performing at grand events.

The Miss Tourism Ghana grand finale came off over the weekend at the National Theatre, and the pallbearers came in the full regalia to perform.

In a latest video, they could be seen clad in their all-black and kente piece while performing on the stage.

They displayed their signature move to the tune of the popular Astronomia 2019 rhythm to the amazement of the audience.

The dancing pallbearers became a sensation after one of their memes went viral during the lockdown period in March 2020.

The meme travelled from Ghana to different parts of the globe. It was massive such that it gained endorsement from then American President Donald Trump.

Watch video below:

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