Ghana Police Service calls out Adom FM for using uniforms without permission

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The Ghana Police Service (GPS) has rebuked Accra-based radio station, Adom FM, for breaching the law during the celebration of this year’s May Day.

To celebrate frontline workers in the fight against Coronavirus, some presenters of the radio station dressed up in uniforms of nurses, doctors and security personnel for this year’s May Day. 

But the Ghana Police Service took to social media to express its disappointment in the media house for not seeking permission before allowing its staff members to use the police uniform. 

According to the service, this is a breach of Section 28 of the Police Service Act, 1970 (ACT 350). 

In a Facebook post, the GPS noted that “Adom 106.3 FM a whole media house decides to breach the law in the name of May Day celebration, should this be encouraged? You have breached section 28 of the Police Service Act, 1970 (ACT 350)? It is not easy to merit the Police Uniform, please obey the law at all times.”

The post further added that “All that a person/corporate body which wants to use the uniform has to is to officially ask for permission, which is granted in most cases.”

According to Section 28 of the Act “Any person not being a police officer who has in his possession any article being part of the clothing, accoutrements or equipment supplied to any police officer and who is not able satisfactorily to account for his possession of it shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding two hundred new cedis or to imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, or to both.”

It further adds that “Any person who has in his possession, wears or uses any article so closely resembling any part.” 

But the Police Service did not state if any action will be taken against the media house and its staff members who wore the uniforms. 


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