I wanted to be president of Ghana – Azumah Nelson

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Celebrated boxing personality, Azumah Nelson, would have been making waves as the topmost executive in Ghana had he pursued his political ambition.

In an interview on XYZ TV, Mr Nelson revealed for the first time that he aspired to be a President of Ghana during his childhood stages.

At a time when boxing was not even in the picture, he said he trumpeted to anyone who cared to listen of his infatuation with being a president.

He remarked that he had no means of fulfilling such ambition, but the idea of leading a country was to him a nice one.

“As a child you always proclaim what you want to be in future. In my case I said if I don’t fight boxing, I would be a President. I just said what I wanted”.

As fate would have it, he inherited his father’s love for boxing and ditched his presidential ambition.

His decision did not come with a loss as he has made a name as a two-weight world champion with a record of 39 wins in his 47 bouts.

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