It Is Cool To Sleep With A Lady Before Giving Her A Movie Role – Ola Michael Explains

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Ghanaian movie producer and radio host, Ola Michael has justified why he agrees with filmmakers who sleep with some of the ladies aspiring to be actresses.

Sharing his view on Neat FM’s ‘Entertainment GH’ program which was monitored by, Ola stated that most of these ladies misbehave after they have been given the opportunity to be on the screens.

He asserted that the roles given to them in movies increase their chances of having access to rich older men.

The opinionated media personality said these ladies begin to disrespect those who put them up there after they start dating these older men who are well endowed.

Ola had the conviction the ladies would respect and mellow if those putting them on the screens sleep with them before they are giving a role.

He stressed that he has now understood why some filmmakers demand to have a s3xual encounter with these ladies before casting them in their movies.

Watch the video below.

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