Komenda Sugar Factory 98% complete – Alan Kyerematen

The Komenda Sugar Factory is 98% complete and will be ready for a test run in July 2022, according to Trade and Industry Minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen.

The Minister says the major works undertaken at the factory have been completed.

He disclosed this to parliament on Tuesday, June 28, while answering questions on the floor of the House.

The Minister further assured the House, government is steadily working to ensure the completion of the project on time.

The Komenda Sugar Factory, commissioned by former President John Dramani Mahama before the 2016 election, has been under lock and key mainly because managers of the factory say there are not enough raw materials to feed the factory.

But President Nana Akufo-Addo after assuming office in January 2017, has given two separate timelines for the factory to begin operation, yet that has not been actualised.

However, Mr. Alan Kyerematen said the government will get the factory running as soon as possible.

He added that a four-acre land was being prepared to support sugarcane development to feed the factory.

The Minister outlined more details on the stages of work to Parliament.

Below are the stages:

Installation of a new pipeline to and from the plant to the morlasi stand is 100 per cent complete.

Refectories and lagging work and boiler furnace and chimneys are 100 per cent complete.

Vacuum and water testing at the boiler house have been completed. The boiler has started working and a steam pressure test is ongoing for the turbine to generate power of roughly 3 megawatts of electricity output.

Equipment and machinery at the mill house, boiler and power sections have all been overhauled, repaired and components replaced where necessary.

Electrical and instrumentation work with all motors in the boiler section have been maintained and repaired.

Construction of a new water reservoir of 2 million litre capacity has been completed and this is an enhancement from the existing reservoir of 150,000 litres which was inherited.

Some blasting to remove rust and further corrosion of equipment to maintain the integrity of all the metal surfaces at the factory has been completed.

Construction of new chemical storage warehouse, canteen and new washroom for both genders are ongoing.

A new warehouse for raw sugar which would have a jumbo bag of between 1 tone to 5,000 tonnes capacity for the storage of sugar is currently ongoing.

New begat carrier platforms construction work has been completed.

The turbine for electricity production has been overhauled and it is currently under production test.

Concerning civil works, the whole factory building and warehouse have been reroofed to stop leakages and corrosion.

The raw material warehouse, as well as the fencing of the entire factory premises, are under construction.


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