Kumchacha speaks on phone s3x

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The head pastor of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha, has discouraged the act of video call sex, saying that humans are not to be trusted.

In an interview on eTV, published by happyghana.com, he said per the Bible, God has given man dominion over everything, however, not everything suits man.

The prophet revealed that personally, he does not trust anyone around him, neither does he trust himself because the world has become a mysterious place.

Kumchacha said: “I don’t trust humans because I don’t even trust myself. If I associate with you, it’s not easy that you’ll get to know my secrets because as a human, your secret is your power.”

He advised, quoting Micah 7:5 that: “Don’t trust friends. Don’t put your confidence in your friends and even the woman that is close to your heart, seal your lips around her. This does not mean all women are evil but out of 10, seven will be.”

According to Prophet Kumchacha, no matter how much one loves someone or how much “a partner loves you, you will never know when they have bad thoughts for you.”

He explained that one’s partner can decide to record a sex call randomly, and “may use it against you when issues come up”, hence he encouraged that people should not engage in video call sex.

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