Kwabena Kwabena And Ahouf3 Patri On A Vacation At A Beach House?

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High life singer Kwabena Kwabena and actress Ahouf3 Patri have been hit with dating rumors several times but both have denied saying they are just good friends.

Kwabena Kwabena in recent posts have been seen at a beach house on some sort of vacation cooling off from the regular hustle and bustle.

Ahouf3 Patri on the other hand has also been seen at a beach house on a vacation which has been confirmed by actress Salma Mumin in a post.

This was the post that drew the attention of many to the fact that, it could be Ahouf3 Patri was there with Kwabena Kwabena.

With this thought in mind, a little investigation was done by some few online investigators, and was revealed that pictures taken by Ahouf3 Patri and Kwabena Kwabena in this recent times have common background of the same beach house.

This however does not confirm the two are dating maybe is a friendly vacation for the two as they have consistently claimed.


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