Kwaw Kese reveals how depression nearly got him out of music

Ghanaian musician Emmanuel Kofi Botchwey, popularly known as Kwaw Kese, has said that he is now more responsible in life.

To that end, he said his songs are going to be motivational.

Explaining the rationale behind his new song ‘Victory’, he said the song was borne out of all the struggles he has been through in life lately.

“The whole album is called Victory. The song is not gospel but motivational. I think I’ve grown from the crazy Kwaw to a more responsible Kwaw now so most of my songs are like songs that are going to touch hearts to more. It’s going to inspire people to show love,” he told MzGee on TV3’s New Day Wednesday, September 9.

He added: “I can’t be like the Kwaw 15 years ago now. Now I have grown, I have kids, family and people who look up to me.”

The Dondo hitmaker revealed that he suffered from depression for four months in the United States and didn’t want to do music again but God spoke to him and he returned to Ghana to continue his music career.

“In 2014, after my manager was killed in cold blood and the same year I got divorced, got arrested and sent to prison, all these three things happening in one year, at a point I decided not to do music again.

“At that time, I had nobody to look up to apart from God. I was really depressed and didn’t want to do music again. I didn’t know what to do with my life but God spoke to me, I listened and I came back to Ghana and that was better.

“I was depressed for four months. I heard a voice telling me I was stronger than this and people look up to you so go back and do what you have to do.”

In 2015, Kwaw Kese released ‘Swedru Agona’.

His latest song “Victory” has 43,192 views on YouTube.

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