Medically what is the best age to get pregnant as a lady

When a lady prefers to have her first child may be a factor that determines when a lady decides to marry or get pregnant. While this factor is notable, it is important to note the perspective of medical science as when is the right time to have a child. This will be addressed in this article.

Firstly, it is important to note the the risks of infertility rises as one ages. Also, pregnancy at late ages comes with complications which are harmful both to the child & mother.

When in her early 30s, a lady’s fertility begins to drop & declines rapidly in the 40s. This also raises the chances complications such as miscarriage, heavy bleeding, surgery to deliver the baby, premature delivery of baby, less than normal birth weight, & even birth defects.

In addition, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some other age-related conditions common as one ages may affect a mother especially at 35-years above. If this happens, it also poses the pregnancy to more risks.

Thus, the recommended period medically for a lady to have her babies is the 20s. This does not rule out the possibility of getting pregnant in other ages whether below or above. It only raises the risks of complications that may be associated with pregnancy at late ages.

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