MzBel drops major hints about Nigel Gaisie’s ‘slay queen newscaster’ girlfriend

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MzBel has spilled the beans about a media personality whom she says Nigel Gaisie disclosed to her as his girlfriend.
The defunct singer has not hidden how she was quite close to the man of God until and things turned sour between them.

Talking about their friendship, she explained has visited him twice in his house where she had a horrible experience.

The ’16-Years’ singer detailing her experience in Nigel’s house said “the first time was cool, the second time was horrible,” and speaking about whether she knew about the relationship or marital status before visiting him, she said, “he told me he is not married”.
She continued that “he told me he had a girlfriend in the media, some pretty girl, I wish I could mention her name”. Dropping hinted about this Nigel Gaisie’s girlfriend, she added that “she likes to wear red, let me give you a clue, she’s a newscaster”.

According to Mzbel, she then trusted Nigel Gaisie because he told her about his girlfriend so she thought it was ok to hang out with him.

Dropping another gist about this Nigel Gaisie girl, she said: “she is light skin, she’s pretty, she’s like a slay queen kind of”.


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