Mzbel Reveals Why She Wears Hip Pads And What She Is Planning To Do To Her Hips After Covid-19

They typical African lady is well endowed with attractive physical features that drives men nuts. It is however now very possible for any woman to get the curves she wants with the advancement in technology. 

One of such persons planning to thread that road is Ghanaian songstress cum business woman, Mzbel.

She has openly admitted to wearing hip pads, not that we were not in the known but the fact that she has the decency to admit it is quite commendable.

Speaking in an interview with Adom FM, Mzbel disclosed her plans of doing a hip augmentation to have a more curvy look.

“I wear hip pads but it’s not like I’ve done surgery. Some have big buttocks but some of us it’s better we wear hip pad sometimes. There are some dresses that demand hip pad. It’s part of the dressing. It was made for us to wear so what’s the problem?” “I don’t like big butt but I like a curvy hip and I wasn’t born with it.”  She explained.

Will you ever consider going for a plastic surgery to augment any part of your body? Share your thoughts with us.

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