Nigerian Boy Caught Stealing in Accra made to clean gutter

A young boy believe in his 20s hail from Nigeria was made to clean gutter after he was caught stealing a phone.

The boy who was caught stealing a phone was served four balls of banku with fish, a bottle of water and a drink of his choice.

The incident took place in Accra’s suburb of Akotolante, near James Town.

The humane treatment of a stealer was at instance of a man believed to be a leader in the community. But for him, Aliu John could have suffered an instant justice for his act which took place on Saturday, May 14.

He was given protective boots and a shovel to aid him in undertaking the task. To prevent him from escaping, his waist was tied with a thick rope held at one end by a man all through the cleaning task.

After completing that task, the young man was allowed to take his bath, given a new set of clothes and taken to one of the nice restaurants in the locality, where he was served a sumptuous, heavy meal to his satisfaction.

Upon a request by the kindhearted leader, Aliu John who looked quite solemn appreciated the residents for not taking his life.

“You Ghana people are very good people. If it were a different community, they would have killed me. I won’t steal again,” he promised in one of two videos that have been shared on Facebook.

On his part, the youth leader cautioned him not to attempt stealing again because he may not be this lucky the next time.

“We are kind. Gas won’t kill you. We changed your clothing, helped you shower, and fed you. We chose to treat you in this manner though we found you stealing,” he noted.

Source: adomonline.

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