Private security officer slashes wife’s forehead with machete

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A 39-year-old private security officer, Kundeyiri Vitus Sungsolee is alleged to have callously slashed his wife with machete multiple times on her face, leaving her soaked in blood.

The brutality happened in the Upper West Regional capital, Wa, precisely Konta.

The couple have been married since 2007, and it is unclear what incident might have triggered the violence.

However, residents told the two had issues on Wednesday but the husband brought in some elders to solve them.

But on Thursday around 10pm, the issues got reactivated leading to a fight between them.

The man allegedly used machete to inflict deep cut on her forehead, peeling off her thick skin.

The victim, Amanda Abawuro Basinbo, was later seen lying in a pool of blood.

Amanda Abawuro Basinbo

Ironically, the couple are known to have been staying together peacefully at Konda with their 10-year-old son until the unfortunate incident.

The woman has since been admitted at the emergency unit of the Upper West Regional Hospital and would likely be referred to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi for further treatment.

Meanwhile, the husband, Kundeyiri took to his heels after the incident and has since not returned.

Family of the woman have vowed to fight for justice for the inhumane treatment meted out to her, as they strongly disapprove of men who beat their wives.

The case has since been reported to the Upper West Regional Police command for investigation.


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