Sad story: My mother is bad, please marry my father when I die – Ghanaian cancer kid letter to Teacher before death

A young girl who just passed away from cancer and the letter she left behind for her teacher will get you teary.

A young Ghanaian kid known as Christabel has passed on to glory and the letter she left behind for her teacher will get you in tears.

Getting diagnosed of cancer she was told she will departing the earth so she knew she was going to pass away.

Yesterday she passed away and the father sent a letter young Christabel left for her teacher to the teacher Miss Koomson.

In the letter, the kid talked about how she loves the teacher for showing her love and care.

She revealed that unlike the teacher, her mother is a bad person because whenever she asked her to buy something for her when she was diagnosed of cancer, the mother would shout at her that she will die very soon.

The kid said the mother restricted her to their room because the sickness made her look ugly and didn’t allow friends to visit her.

In the letter she asked the teacher Miss Koomson to marry her father because she is good and her mother is bad.

Read the sad letter below:

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