Sad Story: Thief beaten to death in-front of his own mother in his own neighborhood.. [VIDEO]

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Thief has been beaten to death in front of her own mother in Takoradi.

A thief has been beaten to death in front of his own mother in Takoradi, the capital of the Western Region.

The thief known Nana Kwadwo Duah was beaten in Fijai by his own neighborhood folks for theft.

Not even the cries and pleas from the mother stopped the people from meting out instant justice on the thief.

According to the people of Fijai, the 30-year-old thief has been a nuisance to them for way too long with thievery.

Around 3am on Wednesday, they caught him stealing and they decided to end it.

According to the mother, he’s steal paying debt incurred from a television set his son stole from a neighbor.

Watch the sad video below..

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