Sawla NHIS boss and nurse were dating – Sawla residents reveal

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Residents of Sawla have expressed their indignation over the “sexual assault” allegation on the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) Director for the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District Mahama Sakara.

Doreen Smith, a nurse working with the Soma CHPS Compound in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District has petitioned the NHIA to investigate Mahama Sakara’s sexual assault against her. 

The nurse indicated that Mr Sakara had come to her CHPS compound under the guise of monitoring but turned around to make sexual advances at her. 

She said that even though he did not succeed in having sex with her, the NHIA boss succeeded in fingering her in the process of struggle. 

Doreen says she has since reported the issue to the police and the District Health Directorate and has added the audio recording. 

However, residents of Sawla described the nurse as “deceitful” and “diabolic” because she has been in a relationship with Mr Sakara which some members of the community know.

Nkilgi FM investigations reveal that Mahama Sakara is known to be a strict and straightforward person who consistently insist on the right of way doing things. 

Some residents say, Mahama Sakara once reported the nurse for extorting money from poor the residents of the Soma who visit the health facility. 

Our sources say the nurse has not forgiven Mr Sakara for embarrassing her and so lured him to her CHIPS compound just to record him. 

Many are of the view that the audio in circulation should have been released to the Police but not made known to the public, therefore, the action of the lady confirms that she trapped Mahama Sakara just to tarnish his image. 

Hussein Alhassan, a resident of Sawla told Nkilgi FM that the two have been lovers for a long time and people of the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district are aware.

“The two of them have been lovers which everyone here knows. That particular girl was my friend’s girlfriend who Mr Sakara snatched. If anyone asks, you can tell him or her I said it. But I cannot say why the lady recorded Sakara, but we know they are lovers,” Alhassan said. 

Meanwhile, the NPP in a statement signed by the Communications Director for the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Constituency said, “the party is saddened by the shameful act matted out to the nurse who has been posted from Accra to render her service to our people. We extend our solidarity to her immediate family and particularly her husband and children. We in the NPP stand for women and the vulnerable against these acts.” 

“The party, solidarize with her, and is calling on all state holders who matter in her case to help her achieve the needed justice she deserves,” the statement read.

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