SHS boy narrates how he and 2 friends sacrificed one family member each for money at Swedru

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A young man has shared a story on how he is and friend harbored plans on getting rich at SHS and how they executed the plan

A Ghanaian boy has shared a story of his journey to riches which started with a plan when he was just a Senior High School student.

Whiles in Senior High School, together with 2 other friends they stopped focusing on their books and what filled their minds was how to get rich after school.

They didn’t know how to get rich except venturing into internet fraud or ritual money.

Eventually they decided to go for ritual money but they didn’t know where to go.

After writing their final paper they returned to their various home but the author of the story who resides in Accra agreed to find a place in Accra for the other two to come so they make a move on their ritual money plan.

According to the young man from speaking with people he got to know about a certain spiritualist in Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana.

So he invited the other two, they traveled to Agona Swedru but didn’t know the exact place the spiritualist lives so they resorted to asking.

Everyone they asked watched them with suspicion but eventually someone gave them direction but told them, the man do not work on Tuesday.

They lodged in a hotel and went to the spiritualist the following day.

He asked them if they were really serious because when he starts, they lose their lives if they decide to not continue.

The Spiritualist have them time to think about it and they agreed to continue because they want to be rich.

The story gets serious here, the spiritualist made them go out and asked them to come one after the other.

The young man was the first to go, he sat and the spiritualist gave him paper to write the names of his nuclear family members on it.

That was when he started trembling because at this point he knew one of the family members would be sacrificed.

Tear moved down his cheek but he had no choice than to continue because quitting means he himself will lose his life.

He wrote down the names of the nuclear family members and placed them in a pot.

With his eyes closed the spiritualist gave him a sword and asked him to hit the paper with the tip.

The spiritualist told him not to mention this to anyone one as he moved out for the 2nd person to enter.

While out the 3rd guy kept on asking him what happened but he couldn’t author a word as he was still in shock.

The 2nd person was done and he also came out she’ll shocked with no word from his mouth

When the 3rd was done he moved out and started blaming the 1st guy for leading them to their ungodly path.

They quarreled their way from Agona Swedru to their various homes waiting to return to the spiritualist a week later.

In the course of the week, one of the friends called him and started crying with accusations that he’s the reason his mother just died of heart attack.

He quickly called the other guy and he couldn’t talk. He called back you tell him he has lost his sister.

This got him anxious and started wondering who amongst his family will lose his or her life.

2 days later his sister, the last born got sick and gave up to ghost at the hospital.

The time arrived for them to return to the spiritualist and on their way they kept on thinking how the money will start coming.

They got the the spiritualist and he gave them the paper on which they wrote the names of their nuclear family members.

According to the guy he didn’t see the name of the younger sister who died but he was sure he wrote her name.

The spiritualist gave each of them a sack with something in it but told them not to open till they get home and when they get home, they should hide it where no one would see for three days.

After three days, he opened his own and it was all money and more money.

To avoid suspicion they had to relocate and start new life, blowing cash like they ever dream of.

According to the guy they visit the spiritualist from time to time to perform some rituals to keep the money coming.

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