There Is No Way A Man And A Woman Can Be The Same, Stop Calling For Equality – Efia Odo Advises

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We are in a modern era where women are fighting for equal rights and opportunities as men. Some feminists and human rights activists believe that women should be accorded the same respect and opportunities in the workforce.

But Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur Efia Odo has a different view.

According to Efia Odo in a recent tweet, there will always be a difference between men and women and they can never be the same.

Efia Odo added that, people should stop looking for equality because it can never happen.

She wrote; Man and woman can never be equal so stop looking for equality. All that’s needed is for every gender to respect each other for their differences. Men can’t give birth and women can’t produce sperms…so no, we can’t be equal but we can give each other equal respect.”

See her post below;

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