Two police officers promoted for arresting colleague for drug possession

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The Ghana Police Service has promoted two of its personnel for effecting the arrest of a fellow policeman carrying substances suspected to be Indian hemp, otherwise known as “wee”.

The two promoted officers are Inspector Justice Komla Azumah and Lance Coropral Felix Diameh.

“The Police Administration has promoted two officers, Inspector Azumah Komla Justice and No. 52543 G/L/CPL Felix Diameh, for their role in effecting the arrest of No. 45638 G/Sgt Lotsu Agbeko, a police officer stationed at the Formed Police Unit (FPU) in Accra,” the police said in a press release last Tuesday.

The service also commended the officers for their patriotism, vigilance and dedication to duty.

The driver, who gave out his car for the chase of the suspect, received his share of the commendations.


The arrested policeman, Sergeant Lotsu Agbeko, 36, according to the police statement, was arrested at the Have police barrier in the Volta Region.

The arrest was not without drama.

He was signaled to stop at the barrier, but refused and sped off. In his haste to run away, the vehicle he was driving was involved in an accident.

The dried leaves concealed in the boot of the vehicle, discharged on the road as the speeding vehicle overturned and landed on its roof.


Earlier at about 12:30 p.m., police officers on patrol duty at the Have barrier had a tip-off that Sgt Agbeko was transporting dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp.

The intel was that he was travelling from the Have direction.

He was in-charge of his own blue-black Toyota Corolla S vehicle with registration number GC 1069-09.

He was given a hot chase by the personnel, with the assistance of a driver, who availed his vehicle to the police.


On reaching a section of the road on Kpeve Mountain, he lost control of the steering wheel and hit the side of the mountain.

The vehicle overturned in the process and landed on its roof.

Subsequently, the boot of the vehicle opened, discharging the parcels of dried leaves onto the road, while the suspect suffered injuries, including a fracture on one of his hands.

The parcels of compressed dried leaves were later established to be 84.

Sergeant Agbeko was rushed to the Peki Government Hospital for treatment, and later transferred to the Police Hospital in Accra, where he is currently under police guard.

Source: adomonline

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