VIDEO: Thief Made To Sing A Gospel Song While Soldiers Transport Him To The Station

A young man between the ages of 20 and 30 was captured on camera by soldiers with a swollen face. The young man was arrested for stealing, according to the person who posted the video online.

It’s unclear what he stole, but the beatings he received from the military men appear to have been too much for him, as his face is deformed.

The young man was seen only in boxer shorts. According to reports, he was being transported to the station. One of the soldiers asked him to sing a gospel song while they were in the car.

The young man has no choice but to sing the song:
Soldiers were seen singing in support of this thief as he was transported in the back of a pickup truck. Some social media users burst out laughing after seeing this video.

They claimed that the soldiers were extremely amusing. How can they ask him to sing a song when he is clearly in a lot of pain as a result of the beatings?

Watch the video below:

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