VIDEO:Bisa Kdei is suffering from failure trauma hence his attack on the media – Kofas

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Bisa Kdei has recently attacked the Ghanaian media for working against him and Kofas says his comments are coming out of failure.

The high life singer answering a fan about why his songs aren’t on rotation on the airwaves like some years back, said “It’s an agenda. They have taken some money to do that. If you love my music keep loving it. The media is fake”.

In analyzing why Bisa may have made such comments, the film producer whilst speaking on Peace FM as a panellist on a show said “Ghanaians let’s forgive him because post-failure trauma is not a small thing. That is rising to some level and later falling. Bisa Kdei is suffering from his fall”.

Kofas continued that when the “Brother Brother” crooner was falling, he was sleeping through it all and he is now awake trying to figure what happened. “He is going through a lot because is not an easy thing” he added.

Hear more from him in the video below and share your thoughts with us.


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