Wakaso donates to Christian Atsu’s family

One of the areas of life which can never be erased from a person’s life is the bond between him and his friends.

According to Mubarak Wakaso has expressed the love and strong bond that existed between him and Christian Atsu

Mubarak Wakaso, a professional football player and a close friend of the late Christian Atsu, has contributed money and other items to help with the funeral preparations. Sources claim that Wakaso donated 150 cartons of canned Malta Guinness and bottled Perla Mineral Water.

He then added a cash donation of $20,000. The donation was made on February 22, 2023, at Christian Atsu’s family home.

Sadly, he was unable to attend the presentation. Currently, he is playing for K.A.S. Eupen in the Belgian Pro League in Belgium. However, his representatives in Ghana delivered the goods and cash to Atsu’s family.

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