Wedding invitation for Date Rush Contestant Ignatius pops up in new photo

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Ignatius, a contestant of TV3’s Date Rush program has incurred the wrath of viewers of the show. The program which is meant to find possible dates for single people went viral yesterday, Sunday, May 3, 2020, when Ignatius stunned his possible dates by turning all of them down. Now, screenshots of Ignatius alleged to be already dating and was almost getting married have popped up online.

One of the photos sighted by is a wedding invitation of Ignatius who was scheduled to marry his girlfriend, Tracy on April 19, 2020, but was postponed because of the coronavirus.

Whilst the men who understand the ‘bro code’ praised him for making the brotherhood proud by calling the bluff of the ladies, some ladies saw his decision as disrespectful to the contestants. However, it is still unclear if organizers of the program will disqualify Ignatius for not being truthful about his relationship status.

Date Rush is a reality show which airs on TV3 every Sunday. It allows ten beautiful ladies to contest for a man who is presented to them. The ladies are given options to chose based on their interests or otherwise in the men. Below is a photo of the wedding invite:


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