Wedding video of Ghanaian pastor in US who shot his wife surfaces

Social media users have been taken aback for the past three days when news broke that US-based Ghanaian pastor has shot his wife to death.

The lady who has lost her life kind courtesy of the evil works of her husband has been identified as Barbara Tommey. Per multiple report sources, the lady wanted to file for divorce, however, the man thought otherwise which triggered him to end the life of his estranged lover.

The good news is that the man identified as Sylvester Ofori was apprehended and taken into custody. He is being held at the Orange County jail without bond on the charge of first-degree murder.

Now, as good people continue to mourn the sudden demise of Babara, the beautiful wedding ceremony that was held between Sylvester Ofori, the Ghanaian pastor who shot his wife to death in the United States, has surfaced online.

The video captured all the stunning and most cherished moments between Sylvester Ofori and Barbara Tommey.

Everyone was so joyful and one could see on the faces of the bride and groom that they were looking forward to a blissful marriage that would last a lifetime.

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