WICKEDNESS!!! School Daughter Stripped NAKED And Beaten Mercilesly By School Mother After She Caught Her Sleeping With Her Boyfriend

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An unidentified lady has been accused of leading an attack in which she and her friends stripped and assaulted another lady for attempting to sleep with her boyfriend.

In the video, the woman who was abused had been stripped naked, and the other women were not pleased.

She continued to beg and ask for forgiveness, explaining that she had no idea what she was being accused of.

The young lady has been accused of kidnapping her school mother’s boyfriend, according to the Twitter user who relayed the news.

When she discovered what her school daughter was doing to her, she gathered her friends and stripped her naked, abused her viciously, and recorded the whole incident on tape.

The females are students at Ambrose Ali University (AAU) in Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria, according to the Twitter user.

Source: dailynewsghana.com

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