Will using a bluetooth headphone cause a damage to my head?

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There’ s a lot of information going around about Bluetooth headphone. Chances are you’ re trying to figure out what’ s the truth, right? So are Bluetooth headphones safe? Or do they contain radiation that could be harmful to you and your family?

Are Bluetooth Headphones Safe for Your Heath?

The short answer to this question is yes. Bluetooth headphones have a usable distance that’ s shorter than other devices. That means they transfer a signal a much shorter distance (about 10 meters). While they do emit radiation, the level that they emit is actually less than your cell-phone radiation. (We’ ll talk more about that later.)

Is Bluetooth Radiation Harmful to You?

Radiation from your Bluetooth device is at very low levels and scientists have found that the levels are actually safer for you than many other options. You’ ll have the same capabilities that you generally get from cell phones or other devices but you won’ t have to worry about the rays bouncing all around you.

The Science of Bluetooth Radiation

Organizations like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration have done a lot of research about radiation from devices. They look at how it impacts the body and the mind. They also look at whether it can lead to disease or illnesses.

What each of these centers has found is that radiation absolutely causes health problems. They’ ve found that it can be present in a number of different devices that we use as well. But they’ ve also found ways we can cut down on the amount of exposure we have.

With Bluetooth the radiation is there. Research shows that it exists and it’ s possible for problems to occur. What it has found, however, is that you’ ll recognize less side effects and less potential danger with Bluetooth. Cell phones have long been found to give off extensive radiation. Bluetooth may just be the answer you’ re looking for.

Bluetooth Radiation vs. Cell Phone Radiation

When it comes to your Bluetooth device vs. your cell phone the Bluetooth wins out every time. That’ s because there’ s one thousand times less radiation given off by Bluetooth than by your phone. The CDC, the FDA and the American Cancer Society all recommend headsets as a way to reduce your exposure to radiation from devices.

What that means is research is being done about radiation and it’ s finding a great deal. It’ s finding that your cell phone gives off quite a bit of radiation, and you can avoid it. By pairing your cell phone you’ re actually keeping the antenna away from your head. That means you’ re keeping the radiation away from your head.

The further away that radiation is the lower the levels in your body. That means the lower your chance of developing radiation related illnesses or injuries. For anyone who uses their phone a lot that’ s important. Using Bluetooth could cut down on your exposure drastically.


Overall, the answer is that Bluetooth is safe. Scientists and researchers from some of the biggest organizations around have found that radiation is there, but it’ s limited. Cutting down on cell phone use is one way to limit your exposure. Using Bluetooth instead of your phone directly is another. You want to avoid cell-phone radiation. 
The key is making sure you understand the different options and that you pair devices correctly. You won’ t get a lot of distance out of the Bluetooth, after all. You will get other benefits though, so keep an eye on those. And make sure you pick up a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a headset for yourself.

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