Work on National Cathedral reportedly stalls

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Construction work on the National Cathedral has reportedly stalled for the past three months.

JoyNews sources disclosed that there is currently no work ongoing at the site. This came to light during a visit to the project site on Monday, June 13.

The visit indicated that the site has been excavated and work is still at the foundation level.

The team also spotted building materials such as pavement blocks and iron rods at the site, together with two huge cranes.

Three security personnel manning the entrance of the site initially prevented the team from entering. After several hesitations, the team was allowed to enter but was not permitted to take videos or pictures of the site.

They were led by one of the workers at the site to the administrative office of the project.

The alleged lull in work on the site seems to corroborate the allegation by North Tongu MP, Okudzeto Ablakwa, that the project contractors had suspended work on the site since March, due to lack of funds.

“The Akufo-Addo Cathedral Scandal gets murkier: Project contractors had to suspend work since March, because of lack of funds. Appointments of more than 200 employees terminated (see evidence attached). They are all shocked at GHS200 million revelations,” Mr Ablakwa tweeted on June 9.

At the site, JoyNews’ sources showed a letter to the team from one of the contractors which indicated the termination of the contract with one of its employees.

“Due to the lack of payment from the National Cathedral of Ghana, which has resulted in the process being suspended, Ribade Company Limited is required under the contract to mitigate costs. In compliance with such an obligation under the contract, Ribade Company Limited has no option but to issue this letter of notice terminating agreement between Ribade Company Limited and you as per the provisions of your employment agreement.

“The notice of termination takes effect from the 14th of March, 2022. You are, therefore, requested to hand in all property belonging to the company in your possession to the HR office by the close of work on the same day,” the letter, which was signed by the Project Manager, Grant Ramsay, read.

JoyNews’ visit also revealed that the only work which was ongoing was administrative.

There were also four pick-up vehicles owned by Ribade Company Limited parked on the site with the workers inside.

The Project was initially designed to cost $100 million but the Finance Ministry now says it will cost $350 million.

Source: adomonline

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